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4th of July Whiskey

From cookouts and picnics to fireworks bursting under a starry sky, the 4th of July is a day that deserves recognition. Celebrate the occasion with a personalized whiskey that is sure to enhance any gathering and be the perfect representation of the revolutionary spirit!

The Taste of Freedom

Strike a blow for freedom by creating your own blended whiskey that is sure to be the perfect addition to your 4th of July festivities. This revolutionary idea may seem extravagant, but thanks to our master distillers, it is within reach for every whiskey lover!

Your Fourth of July Spirit

Both whiskey lovers and beginners alike can craft a freedom-loving Fourth of July blend with our premium whiskeys aged 5-10 years. We put you in control by providing a variety of different options to choose from including barrel types, whiskey proportions, and more. Once you have finalized your selections, our experts will make your personalized whiskey a reality. Enjoy it for yourself or give it as a gift for someone special.

Some whiskey lovers prefer a more intimate approach and appreciate the freedom to mix every drop that goes into their 4th of July whiskey. The Whiskey Experience comes with samples of our barrel-aged whiskeys and all the tools you need to blend, taste, and evaluate the results.

Take our palate test for inspiration or forge ahead with revolutionary spirit. Ease into comfortable proportions of bourbons and ryes that would make Benjamin Franklin proud. Make your personalized Fourth of July blend as bright and light as fireworks, or determined and strong, like the will of the Founding Fathers.

A Dram To Remember

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself on the 4th of July or find the perfect gift, our whiskey is sure to shine in a beautiful glass bottle and custom label. Start your bespoke whiskey experience today!

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