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6 Best Tips for How to Store Whiskey

There’s a certain level of sophistication when it comes to purchasing whiskey yourself or receiving it as a gift from a friend. Once you’ve acquired that new bottle of delicious smooth-aged whiskey, it’s ready to be initiated into your collection. Whether you only own a couple of bottles or you’ve accumulated your fair share, it’s important to learn the proper ways to store your whiskey. This is how we keep the spirit from oxidation, which ruins the taste and experience. Instead, you can take preventative measures that maintain that delicious whiskey taste you love in a more organized, elegant fashion.

Savor every smooth sip of your favorite whiskey spirit from your collection. Once you learn how to store whiskey properly, keeping up with these key habits can keep your bottle rotation fresh and organized. Here are our must-know tips on storing whiskey like a pro. 

Keep the Environment Cool and Controlled

When it comes to proper whiskey storage, the key is a cool and controlled environment that doesn’t fluctuate in temperature. Too much sun or erratic temperatures could damage multiple parts of the bottle. This includes everything from the cork to the label. If you have ever taken a sip from an open whiskey bottle that’s been left out in the sun, there may have been a funky flavor. It’s a distinctly unappetizing taste, which is not what you want. You want the best-tasting whiskey. In order to achieve this, you have to be sure that you are always storing whiskey in a stable environment, preferably somewhere dark and cool.

Make Sure the Bottles are Always Standing Upright

Once you’ve found a proper location, the next step in whiskey storage relies on respect for the bottles. Always keep them standing upright. While in a wine cellar you may see bottles lying horizontally to make space, bottles of whiskey cannot lie that way. The main reason for this is that you don’t want the fibers of the cork to contaminate the flavors of the whiskey. When the spirit and the cork come into contact for too long, it can cause degradation of the cork and lead to a displeasing taste and a disappointing experience. This is a shame that can commonly occur to bottles of whiskey blends you may be holding onto for a long time. While aged whiskey is delicious, it should never be neglected or forgotten.

Remember to Keep Your Corks “Fresh” From Time to Time

This one often gets overlooked by whiskey novices learning how to store whiskey correctly for the first time. In order to prevent extreme oxidation, you need to keep your cork moistened with some of the whiskey in the bottle. This is called keeping the cork “fresh.” To do this, tilt your bottle onto its side, just enough to soak the cork with the spirit. If your cork is completely dry for a long time before you open the bottle, it can shock the liquid and lead to a foul oxidation-derived taste. Remembering to keep your cork “fresh” is an excellent way to avoid a spoiled bottle. A “fresh” cork means delicious, smooth whiskey every time.

Always Drink Your Bottles, so the Spirit Never Spoils

Open whiskey bottles are not meant to last forever. In fact, you should consume what’s left of the open bottles in your whiskey storage within a couple of months. Don’t forget that waiting too long to enjoy a bottle of whiskey may lead to oxidation, which can result in a displeasing taste. You don’t want to waste perfectly good whiskey, so don’t forget to pour yourself a glass when the night calls for it. Making it to the bottom of a whiskey bottle is a great excuse to enjoy the company of friends. Don’t forget to always enjoy your whiskey responsibly.   

Keep Any Leftovers Airtight. 

A couple of friends, a bottle of bespoke whiskey blend, and the rest is history. But if you find yourself with leftover whiskey in your bottle, be sure to keep it airtight. Again, when you’re learning how to store whiskey, the key to keeping your bottles long-lasting is to make sure that oxygen touches your spirit as little as possible. Oxidation is bad news. If for some reason, the original whiskey bottle can no longer be of service, choosing an alternative functional and fashionable airtight decanter can save your whiskey from spoiling. Want to try an old whiskey game? Take the remains of all your opened whiskey bottles and mix them together to create something of a melting pot of smoky, distilled flavors, otherwise known as an “infinity bottle.”

Put Some Personality into Your Whiskey Storage Space

Who says you can’t have a little fun when curating your whiskey storage? Add some pizzazz to your whiskey collection by investing in an elevated display case. Collecting whiskey is cool so be sure to show off your bottles in a way that fits in with your home decor. While there is upkeep required of storing whiskey properly, you can still take the time to personalize your collection. There are plenty of cool styles of bar carts or other effective forms of organizational spaces. 

Create a Custom Addition to Your Whiskey Collection

Make your next bottle of whiskey one that speaks completely to your palate. Craft your own whiskey blend with the ultimate handpicked flavor profile. Need help with your personalized whiskey creation? Contact our team of professionals and master distillers who are ready to assist you every step of the way.

A Smooth Whiskey Made For You. By You. 

Start Experimenting

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