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Corporate Gifts

Your corporate gifts should stand out and be remembered by all your guests. Many companies want to sell you branded corporate gifts, but most aren’t elegant and don’t project the image you and your company want to instill in your customers. 

You want to be remembered, and you want a branded corporate gift that tells your story. Creating a custom whiskey for your company that becomes your corporate alcohol gift is unique and can be a beautiful reminder of your event and company. 

While it may seem that creating a bespoke whiskey as your branded corporate gift may be prohibitively expensive and challenging, Designer Dram has simplified the process allowing you and your company to create custom-made gifts that make an impression. 

Creating your bespoke corporate alcohol gift is an easy process that starts with our whiskey builder. The first step in creating your custom alcohol gift is selecting the barrels and percentages to build your unique whisky. The next step asks you to choose the alcohol strength. The last step is to customize the label that will genuinely make your branded corporate gift stand out. The decanters provide an elegant display that, matched with your custom label, will ensure your corporate gift and the corporate event will be remembered by all who attend. 

If you have questions about creating your custom whiskey or want more details on making your branded corporate gift, contact us here, and one of our team will help you. We will help you create an excellent impression for your next corporate event. 

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