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Creating the perfect whiskey blend

We founded Designer Dram with the belief that everyone should have the perfect whiskey blend for their palate. One way to do this is by creating your own barrel of whiskey from scratch, working with a distillery to select your mash bill grains, pH, enzymes, fermentation temperatures, barreling proof and so on. This is an exciting process, however it’s a lengthy one and an expensive one, especially if you like your whiskey aged. We certainly do!

We wanted to bring this experience to you in an exciting and high-end, yet faster, more affordable way by offering premium whiskey barrels, maintaining incredibly high standards with regards to our process and the overall luxury experience.

We give our customers the opportunity to work with premium, high-age whiskey barrels – sourced from MGP Ingredients in Indiana, a distillery that is renowned for consistently excellent quality – used by some of the most loved distilleries and master distillers across the US. These barrels are varied in mash bill and age (5 – 10 years) and have been hand-picked by four master distillers for the ultimate blending experience.

We understand that while creating your own blend is extremely exciting, it can also be somewhat daunting if it is your first-time blending. Here is a simple guide from our master distillers to creating the perfect whiskey blend for you.

We recommend starting with a base that has the whiskey flavors that you really enjoy. For example, our Pure Bourbon has wonderful notes of candy & stone fruit, our Wheated has incredible dessert notes, and our Pure Rye has wonderful flavors of caramel & spice. We recommend making this base at least 50% of your final whiskey blend. And remember to click on the ‘?’ next to the name of the barrel for detailed tasting notes, aroma and mouthfeel!

Thereafter, we recommend adding in whiskeys with tasting notes that you like, but want less of to achieve that overall flavor profile that satisfies your palate.Remember, you don’t have to add too many – some of the most awarded whiskeys are a blend of just 2-3 whiskies.

Once you are ready to create your perfect whiskey blend, visit our whiskey builder to use our premium, aged barrels to make the perfect whiskey for your palate. Once you have created it, you can select your preferred alcohol content and create your unique label for your whiskey.

We have also created a palate test, where you can input your favorite whiskey flavors and let our algorithm determine your ideal barrel selection. If you know your favorite whiskey mash bill, you can also use our mash bill creator to select your barrels.

Also, if you need any assistance in creating your Designer Dram whiskey blend, please feel free to connect with our team at and we will be happy to assist.

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