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Your unique whiskey experience starts by making your own custom whiskey blend, using these exceptional, aged (five – ten year) barrels. 

If you need help making your own whiskey, use our Palate Test, Mash Bill Finder or barrel recommendations by tasteIf you still need help, contact us and we'll help you craft the perfect custom whiskey blend for you or someone special!

Candy is at the forefront of this whiskey. Think molasses, frosting, marshmallows.

Pure Bourbon Tasting Notes

Palate - molasses, charred oak, anise, plum, apple

Aroma - charred oak, campfire coals, brown sugar

Mouthweight - (Water = Light, Oil = Heavy)  Medium


99% Corn | 1% Barley Malt

A complex flavor profile, dominated by vanilla, caramel and complemented by cocoa, smoke and spice.

Rye Bourbon Tasting Notes

Palate - Cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, fennel, candy corn, apple, caramel

Aroma - Black pepper, charred oak, fresh baked bread

Mouthweight - (Water = Light, Oil = Heavy) Medium/ Heavy


75% Corn | 21% Rye | 4% Barley Malt

A beautifully rich whiskey that has a creamy texture and flavor notes of cream, vanilla and fruit.

Wheated Tasting Notes

Palate - Cream, vanilla, apple, berries, toasted oak

Aroma - Creamy vanilla, cooked fruit, sweet bread

Mouthweight (Water = Light, Oil = Heavy)  Medium


95% Wheat | 5% Barley Malt 

Sugar and spice is the name of this whiskey. A bold, sweet start graduates to a spicy finish.

Barley Rye Tasting Notes

Palate - Green apple, cinnamon, black pepper, anise, chocolate

Aroma - Fresh baked bread, yeast, toasted oak

Mouthweight - (Water = Light, Oil = Heavy) Medium


49% Barley | 51% Rye

Vanilla and caramel meet smoke and spice in this complex whiskey, with a rye spice that lingers.

Pure Rye Tasting Notes

Palate - Caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, black pepper, green apple, slightly smokey

Aroma - Rye bread, floral (rose, orange blossom),

Mouthweight - (Water = Light, Oil = Heavy) Medium/ Heavy


95% Rye | 5% Barley Malt

Step 2

The lower alcohol percentage will provide a smoother, more diverse flavor profile. The higher alcohol percentage will provide a more concentrated, robust flavor profile.

If you are unsure which strength is suitable for your custom whiskey blend, look at one of your favorite whiskeys for guidance.

Step 3
Design label

Here is where you put your signature on your custom whiskey blend to make it yours in every way. Dress your decanter with a label that speaks to your style and taste, by selecting a label design and monogram.

Our designers will take your information and design your label from scratch, making creative adjustments where appropriate for the best overall aesthetic, and a truly bespoke experience.

1. Select label type
2. Select monogram
3. Edit label text
(Max. 2 characters)
(Max. 16 characters)
(Max. 4 characters)
(Max. 100 characters)

*Design as seen is illustrative, our in-house design team will ensure that the final label is executed impeccably.

If you need help creating your label, please reach out! Our team is on hand to help you create your truly bespoke whiskey.

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*Design as seen illustrative, our in-house design team will ensure that the final label is executed impeccably.