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Personalized Graduation Gifts

The graduate in your life has worked hard to get to this day. Perhaps you’re looking to commemorate the occasion with a unique personalized graduation gift like no other. If so, you can give the hardworking graduate a gift they’re sure to remember — custom whiskey. 

Graduates have put in the effort to forge a bright future for themselves. Show your pride in them and treat them to something a little special with a one-in-a-lifetime whiskey experience at Designer Dram.

A Whiskey Graduation Present to Remember

Designer Dram is the first company in the world that streamlines the process of crafting a custom whiskey. With our unique experience, you can choose the tasting notes, smokiness, and even alcohol content of your whiskey to create a result that’s entirely your own. 

There are 21,252 possible combinations out there and your graduate can craft a harmonious blend that’s uniquely theirs. In every step of the process, you have complete control, even including the custom label design at the end. Your personalized graduation gift comes in a bespoke decanter and can be labeled with a congratulatory note or another personalized message.

Take Them On A Whiskey Journey

We’ve worked hard to design a whiskey that’s not just a delight to your individual palate, but a delight to create. When you give our custom whiskey as a graduation present, you’re not just giving them a personalized graduation gift, but an unforgettable experience.

Every whiskey takes you on a journey. For a grad with a big journey ahead of them in life, they deserve a reward with their own Designer Dram.

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