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Designer Dram
Passion for Whiskey


Designer Dram
Passion for Whiskey
How it works

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Designer Dram
We have spent copious hours searching the US to find only the best barrels of whiskey that are not only delicious and complex on their own, but marry together harmoniously to create the perfect, unique, bespoke whiskey. And when we say unique, we have taken this message to heart by giving you the tools to create 21,252 possible whiskey flavor profiles, and that’s just the start.
The process

Dedicated to excellence

Once your unique whiskey is created, you get to choose your preferred alcohol strength. Why is this important? Well, alcohol content has an impact on the aromatic substances of whiskey and we have taken that level of customization into account. The lower alcohol option will provide a smoother, more diverse flavor profile and the high alcohol option will provide a more concentrated, robust flavor profile.

Finally, after your whiskey is created, you get to direct the final aspect of your unique creation – the design of your label. Arguably as important as the creation of your actual whiskey, your label is your unique signature which you can proudly put onto your whiskey to make it yours, ultimately. It’s also the perfect opportunity to put the final touches onto a meaningful gift, if that’s what your unique whiskey’s purpose is.

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