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A truly innovative product. Custom design, self curated blend and a fantastic overall presentation. Designer Dram is the perfect gift for any whiskey lover!

~ Brandon Smith, International Spirits Judge and Whiskey Influencer (@thedailydram)

I was super impressed with everything about the delivery, service, notifications, packaging and personal touch. You really did a great job. The brand clearly comes through as a higher-end custom spirit product and experience. Now to the important part... The juice was really good as well! I was blown away by the quality of my custom blend. Again, you guys really nailed it.

~ Mike V, CA

From the very first moment of opening the Designer Dram box to tasting the whiskey, it was a delightful experience for my husband. He was exhilarated with the gift and mentioned that the whiskey tasted divine. I, myself, had some and couldn't agree more with him. Speaking about the customer experience, it has been top rated and I am extremely satisfied. I have very rarely come across companies who have such good communication processes. Needless to say, I will be ordering again.

~ Satanjoya Das, TX

It’s not every day you get to blend your own whiskey, but Designer Dram allows for an interactive and fun experience. From the palate test to designing a custom label, not to mention the beautiful final product, this makes for a great celebration or commemorative bottle. The whiskey was custom blended to my preference, and it tasted amazing!

~ Danielle Kurtz, Whiskey Blogger (@coffeeblackwhiskeyneat)

Received my bottle today. It is absolutely beautiful. Far more beautiful than I Expected. The packaging is so nice. I am thoroughly impressed. This will be a gift I order again for other loved ones.

~ Portia L, AZ

Amazing Whiskey, I am completely satisfied with the outcome, my next batch I will change it upπŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”₯πŸ‘

~ Anthony P, CA

It finally arrived and tastes wonderful!!

~ Heidi P, MD

I think it's perfect! We are definitely going to get more! Thank you!!

~ Joe B, VA