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Christmas Whiskey Gifts

It’s Christmas time again and the search for whiskey Christmas gifts has begun. It’s fun to give any whiskey gift to a friend or family member, but giving the gift of a custom-designed bespoke whiskey is another thing altogether. Designer Dram is here to offer you three ways to give Christmas whiskey to your favorite whiskey drinker this holiday season.

Create a Bespoke Whiskey

The first way to give a Christmas whiskey gift for the ages is to use our whiskey builder and create a custom whiskey for the enthusiast on your Christmas list. You’ll start by mixing and matching bourbons from five barrel options to produce a unique recipe and then selecting an alcohol strength. The higher alcohol percentage typically creates a bolder, more concentrated profile, while the lower alcohol percentage will give a smoother, more diverse flavor profile. You also get to put the finishing touches on the beautiful whiskey decanter that your mixture will be delivered in.

The Experience Package

The second way you can give a unique Christmas whiskey gift is to send your recipient the Designer Dram Experience Package. This contains samples of each of our barrels and allows the gift recipient to taste and create their own blend based on their experiences. This package is the ultimate in-home experience, allowing both the whiskey enthusiast and the novice to experience the fun of being their own master distiller. Once they’ve made their selections, they can redeem the gift for a full bottle of their custom blend.

Buy a Gift Card

The third and final way to give a Christmas whiskey gift from Designer Dram is to buy a gift card and let the recipient make their own whiskey blend online using the Designer Dram whiskey builder. This gives them complete control over the entire process and makes for a fantastic whiskey Christmas gift they’ll enjoy and remember for a long time.

Take your Christmas gift-giving to the next level and buy them a whiskey gift they’ll never forget. 

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