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Retirement Whiskey

The tradition of giving a bottle of retirement whiskey when someone special leaves your team has a long and reputable history. But finding the perfect retirement alcohol gift to capture an individual’s aesthetic, personality, and legacy can be a challenge. At Designer Dram, we understand that each person is unique, and so too is the craftsmanship and intent of a bottle of whiskey. That’s why we offer a custom retirement whiskey designing experience to ensure that you mark the occasion with a truly unforgettable gift. 

Create the Perfect Whiskey

From initial formulation to the final details of labeling and packaging, we offer a bespoke experience every step of the way. Start by channeling the palate and preferences of your recipient, and use our barrel menu to craft a unique flavor profile. To make the retirement alcohol gift even more special, you might consider our Experience Package, which includes both a custom retirement whiskey decanter and a tasting kit that can be enjoyed at the retirement party. The label can be inscribed with the recipient’s name, date of retirement, or any other meaningful message as an ideal finishing touch.

Make It Your Own

With extensive expertise and strong attention to detail, Designer Dram is committed to helping you fashion the perfect retirement whiskey – and the bespoke experience to match. We invite you to contact our team for help crafting the ideal selection and enjoy extraordinary quality and service from start to finish. Design your whiskey with the support of our master distillers today.

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Create your own

Create your
perfect whiskey